New Toilet Seats

Are you planning to have a bathroom remodel and have some unique features incorporated? It is for sure that having a square toilet with a square shaped toilet seat from us at Cheap Replacement Toilet Seats is the ideal solution. Having such a toilet will introduce new life to your bathroom. It will not only introduce new life but will also boost the property value. Let us see why it is such.

Have a modern touch

A square toilet has something that is contemporary and helps to have a modern feel in your bathroom. If you desire to have something minimalistic and stylish then you cannot avoid having a square toilet with a square toilet seat. A pull-chain toilet can look extravagant, a square toilet will have a sparse look. You can even have a floating model that you mount on the wall. These toilets have all the components of a standard toilet but will require only half the space. If you have a tight and cramped space it is ideal to have a square toilet. Moreover, a square toilet has a flush handle at the side of the tank rather than on the front. So, it is possible to have a more streamlined look by having a square toilet.

Ideal Standard Toilet Seats T352801

The efficiency of the square toilet 

There is no chance to think as a square toilet is non-traditional, they are less efficient than traditional toilets. It on the contrary has a plus side when you have something contemporary. The square toilets use much less water than the traditional models. A traditional toilet generally uses three gallons of water per flush. On the other hand, a square toilet uses 1.6 gallons. So, you can easily understand that it will not only make it possible to have a modern look but also make it possible to have efficient use when you opt to have a square toilet.

Is it expensive to buy a square toilet? 

Yes, it is a bit more expensive than other models of toilets. However, if you look at the advantages it will be wise to spend the additional money. It may at times happen that the model of square toilet you like does not come with a seat, you can contact us and we will make it possible to have square shaped toilet seat at an affordable price.

The advantages of square toilets

At first instance, it may feel that it is difficult to introduce a square toilet. However, it is quite accommodating. Even if your toilet has a 12-inch rough-in it is possible to introduce such toilets. So, these toilets are ideal for smaller bathrooms, or even for powder rooms.

Some believe that it is not comfortable to sit on a square toilet seat. However, it is not such. When you buy new toilet seats from us your bottoms will feel much more accustomed to such seats.

As said previously, it is possible to introduce style into your bathroom when you use a square toilet. Some have certain modern amenities like dual flush allowing you to use a small amount of water.

It also offers flexibility in seat height. If you are thinking of height while planning a bathroom installation then it is ideal to have such a toilet.

You can depend on us to have the best toilet seats whenever you require them.