Lecico Toilet Seats

There is a common mistake that we all make while renovating our bathrooms. We pay little attention to the toilet seats. However, we need to keep in mind that toilet seats are equally important as any other aspect of the bathroom design. It is possible to have toilet seats in multiple sizes, styles, shapes, plumbing fixtures and flushing methodology. We at Cheap Replacement Toilet Seats prefer that you use a Lecico toilet seat when you need to replace the seat in your bathroom. 

However, it is not that you can just visit our store and pick any one of the seats available. There are a few factors that you need to keep in mind when you make a selection. The western toilet seat can change the entire design and look of a bathroom so the selection needs to be accurate. Let us know about the factors that need consideration when you require to select new toilet seats.  

Seat size

The preliminary aspect that you need to consider is the size of the toilet seat. It is possible to have toilet seats in various sizes, so, you need to select the one that is the size of your existing seat. It may be that you prefer to have elongated seats and not round ones. It is wise to know that it would be best to have an elongated seat if you have enough space. Elongated seats are not ideal for smaller bathrooms. While determining the size you need to keep in mind the available space in your bathroom.

Lecico Soraya / Sydney Toilet seat and cover

Preferred style 

There are various variants associated with toilet seats. It is possible to classify toilet seats into four categories: one-piece, two-piece, wall mounted and smart toilets. If you select a one-piece toilet the flush tank will be joined with the seat. It is easier to clean these seats as there is little space for germs to accumulate. However, in a two-piece toilet, the seats and flush tank are separate. If you select a wall-mounted seat, the seat will have an association with the wall and the tank will be inside the wall cavity. These toilets are problematic to clean and you will also be requiring thicker walls. The smart toilets are the ones with the latest features and the user can control the water flow.

It is common and easier to clean a two-piece toilet; however, one-piece toilets are the most common.


You also need to consider the shape of the seat when you propose to buy a new one. It is wise to buy a seat compatible with the existing toilet that will fit the toilet bowl. You can opt for a round, elongated, square or D-shaped seat.

Height of the seat 

17 inches is the standard height of a toilet seat; however, there are models where the height is 19 inches. It is wise to have a lower seat height if you have medical considerations in mind. However, if you have older members, it is wise to have a higher seat as it will make it easier for them to seat.

Whatever may be your choice of toilet seat be at our store to have those at a competitive rate.