square-shaped toilet seat

Square-shaped toilet seats are common in minimalist-style bathrooms. They are modern, generally soft-close and angular in shape. You might also find that the square toilet seat is a bit larger than in conventional options. It also gives the user the same level of comfort over long periods. Such features make them great for people who want to add a modern touch to their bathroom.

Square toilet seats aren't for everyone. The square-shaped toilet seat we offer has a strikingly bold look. It works well in several contemporary settings, delivering both comfort and support. Of course, it helps keep things neat and compact, in addition to maintaining a hygienic seat protected by the top lid.

As the name indicates, the seat covers are in their respective shape. Even though the shape is the same, you need to measure the toilet to find the exact dimension seat cover required. Always remember you must choose the design of the toilet seat cover based on the toilet you have. You can't use a different design seat cover for your toilet. So, choosing this is not in your hand. 

How to measure a square-shaped toilet seat for replacement?

All square toilet seats are not identical in size. It varies due to its shapes, sizes & style. So you'll need to check carefully before buying. It's not that difficult to measure for a new toilet seat. You must measure the length, width, height, and separation between the fastening holes of your toilet. 

  • Measure the length of the bowl. Place one end of your measuring tape between the mounting holes and extend it to the front of your toilet to get the measurement. 
  • Measure the breadth across from its broadest point. To acquire an accurate measurement, place your measuring tape outside the brim. 
  • To know the height, measure the space between the fixing holes and the cistern or wall.
  • Measure the space between the two bolts where the toilet seat is attached to the bowl. Note the distance between the two fixing holes may vary sometimes. The typical measurement for toilet seat bolts is 5.5 inches.

Material and Style of Toilet Seats

So, you are ready to get a square-shaped toilet seat & you have your measurements! Browse https://cheapreplacementtoiletseats.co.uk/ to find the new toilet seat for your needs. Here you will notice a variety of toilet seat materials and styles to pick from! You can choose high-impact polyethene or plastic square-shaped toilet seats. There are a variety of colours and styles available as well. It may range from basic white to elegant black to vibrant prints and patterns. You have many alternatives if you want to make a statement with your toilet! All those toilet seats are hygienic and keep your surface clean & protected for longer.

Replace Your Toilet Seat

The final step is to install your new square-shaped toilet seat after you've chosen and purchased it.

  • Open the seat bolt caps with a screwdriver and unscrew the bolts to remove the old toilet seat. If they don't seem to loosen, you may need to use one hand to support the nut on the toilet bowl's underside. Remove the bolts and raise the toilet seat off the toilet.
  • Prepare the new seat's surface as follows: Use a multipurpose cleanser to thoroughly clean the toilet bowl and the freshly exposed post holes
  • Replace the toilet seat as follows: Push the seat bolts into the post holes after aligning them. Screw the nuts on loosely from the underside
  • Tighten the nuts snugly after centring the seat on the bowl. Snap the bolt caps into place, and you're done!

If you'd like further advice regarding square toilets, we would like to help you. You can take advantage of our wide range of new toilet seat stock lines, designs & services with a simple call.