Purity K704301 Ideal Standard

Toilets seats are a part of our bathroom we never even think to question, but they serve a specific purpose. It's a basic part of the bathroom and lavatory that we always expect to be there. The design and feel of your home can be significantly impacted by the new toilet seats you choose.

It's challenging to start when there are so many designs to pick from, including various colors, forms, and materials. Luckily, help is at hand at Cheap Replacement Toilet Seats. We provide a brief buying guide that will give you an overview of the toilet seats available at https://cheapreplacementtoiletseats.co.uk/! So you can make an informed decision.

Types of the toilet seat

There are two main types of toilet seats: standard close and soft close. 

Standard close toilet seats

Standard closed toilet seats are available in various materials and finishes and can be either traditional or contemporary in design. They fit a range of bathrooms and are simple to install.

Soft-close bathroom seats

To prevent the seat and lid from banging against the bowl if you let go, this kind of seat is made to give a soft closing mechanism. Family bathrooms might benefit from adding a touch of elegance and preventing trapped fingers. 

Toilet seat shapes

We have different toilet seats in our stock line. Some of them are:

Round toilet seats: Traditional toilets often require a round or oval-shaped toilet seat because they are the most popular shape. 

Square toilet seats: Usually, square toilet seats are rectangular ones found with contemporary style toilets. 

D shaped toilet seats: A combination of the two toilet seats above, a D shaped toilet seat comes with a flat hinge edge and is most familiar with contemporary toilets.

Toilet seat materials

The toilet seats we stock are made up of different materials. So we have everything easy to match with your bathroom.

Thermoplastic: It is one of the most widely used materials for modern toilet seats because it offers a beautiful, durable surface that is simple to maintain. 

Duroplast (Thermoset): Duroplast (also known as Thermoset) is the ultimate choice for a stylish, contemporary toilet seat. The deluxe polymer material is durable and has looked fantastic for years.

Engineered, molded, or solid wood: This is a fantastic option for more conventional bathrooms and is available in various finishes to match your style, including simple white and natural oak. 

Installing the toilet seat 

Learning how to install a toilet seat only requires paying attention to a few straightforward steps, whether you need to replace an old, broken seat or want to give your bathroom a new look with one. Check all the measurements before choosing a new seat for an existing toilet to make sure it will fit. Various sizes and shapes of toilet seats are available at our store. So you can never assume they will fit a "standard" toilet design. Most Ideal Standard toilet seats have standard fittings and require essential tools such as a screwdriver. You remove the existing toilet seat with due care. If the old toilet seat bolts are stubborn, you may need to loosen them with a spray of penetrating oil or cut them off with a small hacksaw.

All the toilet seats at Cheap Replacement Toilet Seats come with full and clear instructions for easy fitting. You follow it & complete it with a step-by-step process! First, position the new Purity K704301 Ideal Standard toilet seats to level it with the existing toilet seat. The next step is to attach the toilet seat by feeding the bolts through the holes in each hinge and the toilet bowl. Finally, secure it with the bolt on top & ensure a firm connection. 


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