GALA G5161701 SMART White Toilet Seat and Cover with fittings

A question that comes to your mind before replacing a toilet seat is, “Are toilet seats a standard size?” The answer is no. There isn't a specific size for toilet seats. But it does not mean that you have no option. We bring genuine Bellavista toilet seats for your toilet. You can replace it with ease. So don't worry! 

Your toilet will see significant wear and tear throughout its life, just like many other things in the house. It comes as little surprise. It is something you use every day, after all. Unfortunately, your toilet seat is the one that suffers from such frequent use. If you wish to replace it, we can help you. 

Bellavista Stylo 02095108 STYLO White Toilet Seat Cover with fittings

You are using your toilet & sharing it with your guests. You won't likely realize how frequently your toilet seat is raised and lowered throughout the year. If you assume it happens four times daily, your hinges will be used more than 1,400 times in a year. You probably need a change or replacement of toilet seats or seat covers every three to five years.

Decide the toilet shape

Unsurprisingly, there are many different kinds of modern toilets. The shape of the toilet might then vary substantially (square, angular, round, D-shaped). The size or dimensions of the toilet seat (both length and width) may range between 350mm - 500mm. It makes finding a suitable model for your toilet can be a little bit difficult. The procedures below can help you locate an appropriate toilet seat: 

  1. Measure the shape of your toilet 

Is it round, with an edge that curves outward from the hinges and then inward? Is it D-shaped, meaning that the hinges are the only place where it turns continuously inwards? Is it square (all four sides are parallel)? Or is it distinct from these? 

  1. Measure the toilet's size.

Measure the following to determine the size: 

  • Length—from the holes in your toilet to the very front edge of the toilet; 
  • Width—from edge to edge; 
  • Height—from the holes to the cistern or wall; Between holes—from the center of each fastening hole.

You can use it to get a form and a set of toilet dimensions. The only thing left to do is to begin your search. 

Features to check

Now, what should you look for in a toilet seat? You probably have a few options. 

GALA G5161701 SMART White Toilet Seat and Cover

Soft close

Today's modern toilets frequently include a soft closing seat as standard equipment. It comes with a spring mechanism to ensure that the seat, along with the seat cover, doesn't come down with a massive bang. It reduces the deterioration of both the toilet seat and the toilet bowl. Although a soft close seat is a fantastic option, it must be handled carefully to prevent the spring from being harmed. 


Toilet seats can primarily be divided into two types of materials: plastic and wood. Given their low cost, a wide range of moldable designs, and a high degree of durability, plastic seats seem more in demand. Bellavista toilet seat, for example, is made up of high-quality plastic, lightweight and hard-wearing. It has excellent resistance to scratches.


The hinges on toilet seats range from normal designs to soft close hinges, which lower the toilet seat slowly and quietly. Nylon or stainless steel are typically used for toilet seat hinges because of their durability. Rust may be more likely to form on metals or steel of lower quality. Look for adjustable hinges to provide the optimum fit for your toilet. Bellavista toilet seats have top-fixing hinges and a handy "lift off" mechanism. It makes both installation and cleaning a breeze. It will come with specific instructions for each toilet seat. 

Shop Bellavista toilet seats

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