Purity K704301 Ideal Standard

We are used to noticing that toilets have seats and covers. However, have we ever imagined why it is necessary to have a seat and cover in a bathroom? This question may not have come to our mind as we are in a hurry to use the toilet. So let us know why it is ideal to have a toilet seat and covers with all fittings like in Purity K704301 from Ideal Standard.

The reasons for having a toilet seat 

The design of toilets comes with a toilet seat to reduce the transfer of germs from user to user. Multiple people use a toilet. It is the same whether the toilet is in a public place, your office or your residence. It means that a toilet is the home of various bacteria. That is the reason it is wise to clean a toilet before every use. However, that is not always possible. Using the seat forms a barrier between the bacteria and contents of the bowl and yourself. It is surprising to know that a toilet bowl has 3 million bacteria per square inch. Using a toilet seat also helps to keep the toilet bowl clean. It is possible to wipe any mess that falls on the seat and keep the bowl clean.

If you have a look towards comfort, sitting on a toilet seat is more comfortable than sitting on a cold porcelain bowl.

Few reasons to have toilet lids 

Toilets generally come with a lid. It entirely depends on an individual if he decides to close the lid while flushing the toilet. However, closing the cover helps avoid spreading microscopic particles while flushing. It also has another purpose. Closing the lid helps prevent items on the cistern or shelf from falling into the bowl. It also helps to avoid the nasty smells when flushing.  

Having a lid and closing it is also wise to ensure safety for your kid and pets. In some incidents, kids fall into open toilets, which can be fatal. Pets also love to be in a toilet bowl. So, if you desire to avoid such situations, it is wise to have a lid and close that when the toilet is not in use.

Moreover, if you follow Feng Shui, you always need to close the toilet when not in use.  

How to replace a toilet seat and cover

So, we understand that using the toilet seat and cover is wise. However, we notice that a broken seat or cover stays in the toilet for a long. Therefore, it is wise to change the cover and seat as soon as possible. You need to measure the toilet seat and buy the ideal Purity K704301 from Ideal Standard. We at Cheap Replacement Toilet Seats make it possible to have the best quality seat and cover, paying an affordable price.

So, do remember us when you decide to change your toilet seat and cover. You can have the best quality products from us at an affordable rate.