Softclose Seat

The importance of the toilet seat in any bathroom should not be overlooked. Do you intend to replace the toilet seat in your bathroom? Are you shopping for a new toilet seat to replace the existing one? It's a good idea to prioritize comfort. There are many factors to consider when purchasing a new toilet seat for your bathroom. Each type's style and advantages should be evident to you. Let's discuss Vitra's soft-close toilet seats, which are part of our branded toilet seat collection. It's a convenient and silent replacement for standard toilet seats. These toilet seats close gently and steadily without assistance due to their modern design and function. If you haven't upgraded already, then go through our article that specifies a few reasons for how soft close Vitra toilet seat can make life in the bathroom easier!

Vitra toilet seat

Minimal Noise

Soft-close Vitra toilet seats are almost impossible to slam and won't cause a loud clatter if you lose the grip. When opposed to noisy standard toilet seats, it makes nearly no noise. It's an excellent option for ensuring privacy in your bathroom. Families with tiny children who have problems folding chairs properly without losing their hold may appreciate the quiet sound of these seats. It benefits households where late-night bathroom trips are a regular occurrence. It could be a more discreet option as it won't make noise & its accessibility design makes it more comfortable to use for anyone visiting the toilet in the middle of the night. So everyone can sleep easily.

Effortless Maintenance

The Soft-close Vitra toilet seats are much easier to clean and maintain than traditional equivalents. Its quick-release & installation feature will ease its maintenance. One can clean it thoroughly with few efforts. You can remove grime and dirt with ease. Our Soft close Vitra toilet seats, on the other hand, are constructed of bacteria-resistant vinyl. As a result, compared to older toilet seats, there is a lower chance of mould or mildew build-up. As a result, they don't need to be cleaned as frequently. 

Safe to use

Soft-close seats are a must for households with small children & older adults. It enables children to use the toilet without fear of injuring or trapping their fingers. Furthermore, unlike regular toilet seats, no additional force is required. Regardless of how much pressure is applied, our Vitra soft-close toilet seats close smoothly. Not only does this method of shutting make less noise than other methods. Furthermore, it absorbs the impact's shock, lowering the possibility of damage to the toilet and the seat. 

Simple installation 

It's simple to install our Vitra soft shut toilet seats. Its installation is a simple and quick procedure. You can install or uninstall it if you have a few standard household tools. The installation can be made considerably more manageable if you follow the helpful guide included in each toilet. Consumers claim that after installing Vitra toilet seats, their family members are more likely to close the lid.

Keeps things clean

Vitra toilet seats are more hygienic for every home since they remain closed after use. It is because you need to touch less while operating the toilet seats. In addition, these seats have removable toilet seat hinges that make it easy to clean the toilet whenever necessary.  

Better Quality Seats

The best thing about the Vitra toilet seat is the hinges; beyond the ability, they perform to close your toilet seat slowly. Most of these products are a little better than your average toilet seat. In other words, the hinges are of higher quality, thus more durable and will last a long time.

Get a quality Vitra toilet seat model from our online store, and you can use it for many years. We have numerous options to choose from! Please select the one that fits best to your preference & budget.