New Toilet Seat

You may have read discussions about elongated and round toilet seats. You may have also heard that the elongated versions are better than the round. However, when you have Ideal Standard round toilet seat from Cheap Replacement Toilet Seats, you can notice some unique features.

Ideal Standard Ecco

Compact size 

Round toilet seats have a smaller, compact size. If you have a small bathroom having a round toilet seat will be the ideal choice as it will not cover much space. These are ideal for half baths or sharing units.

Comfortability theory

As said these seats are smaller in size. So, it has a smaller surface area. They are ideal for public bathrooms as people will not spend much time seating on such a toilet seat. However, it is not wise to think that this nature of toilet seat has no comfort aspect associated. Ask your kid and you will have the answer. Your kid will love to seat on these round toilet seats than the elongated ones.

Easy to install 

You do not have to pay a professional for installing a round toilet seat. The seats are light in weight and easy to install. So, you can do it yourself without help from professionals.


Compared to other toilet seat options round toilet seats are affordable. You do not have to cut a hole in your pocket to buy one from us. 

Why depend on Cheap Replacement Toilet Seats

So, by now you have made up your mind to have an Ideal Standard round toilet seat. Now the question arises why to have it from us at Cheap Replacement Toilet Seats.

As our business name suggests, we make it possible to have toilet replacements at an affordable cost. It is us who in the entire UK can offer quality toilet parts at a competitive price. You name a reputed brand and we have you covered. It is that you need to be at our online store and order for the selected model. We have the largest online selection of toilet parts including seats.

If you go through our reviews, you will notice that our clients praise us for the quick delivery of quality products. We understand how difficult it is to live without a properly working toilet. So, we do not waste any time shipping your order.

We also help you to select the right product that you desire to replace. We have trained personnel who will always be happy to help you decide on the perfect spare to buy.

It is also easy to make payments for your order. You can pay through the secured payment gateway. We never disclose your information to others.

So, if we summarize, then when you buy toilet parts from us you can expect to have products of all reputed brands at an affordable price, as quick as possible. It is also for sure that the delivery will be as per order and the payment can happen through a secured payment gateway.

Hope to hear from you soon when you intend to purchase new toilet seats.