It is quite confusing when you decide to choose a new toilet seat. At first, you may have thought that it is quite easy, however, there are a few aspects to consider before you can select the best toilet seat replacement. We at Cheap Replacement Toilet Seats are here to offer some help to make it possible to select the best toilet seat covers.

At first sight, all toilet seats look the same. However, the seats differ vastly in shape, size and function. So, it is wise not to rush to a store and purchase a toilet seat. It is wise to spend some time so that you exactly know whether your toilet requires a square-shaped toilet seat and not any other variety. If you select and purchase the proper toilet seat, you can expect that it will work as expected and will also enhance the décor of your bathroom.

Shape and size

As toilet pans differ in shape and size so does the accompanying toilet seat. So, to determine the correct seat for your toilet you need to ascertain the proper shape of your pan. It is not challenging to determine the shape of your toilet pan. You need to have a look at the pan and can determine the actual shape. If the seat is already there then the process becomes much easier. 

If you have an old toilet pan the seat may be round or oval. However, if you have recently changed your toilet pan you may be having a square toilet seat. However, some toilets may have different shaped toilet seats to match the pan shape. 

After you have determined the shape of the toilet you will know the type of seat you will require. Now, is the time to make some quick measurements. You need to know the fixing center distance. It is the distance between the two holes where you can fix the seat. You also need to measure the width. It is the measurement at the widest point of the pan. You also need to know the depth. This is the distance between the fixing hole and the end of the point of the seat. 

Toilet seat fixing

You will notice that there are primarily two types of hinge fixings. It is also wise to know that all hinge fixings are not ideal for all toilets. The two primary types are bottom fixing toilet seats and top fixing toilet seats. 

Bottom fixing toilet seat hinges have a traditional style of fixing. It has two bolts that you need to fix down into your pan. You then need to tighten the screws from beneath.

The top fixing toilet seat hinges are just opposite the above variety. In this type, you need to tighten the screws from above. It looks something like a wall plug in a wall hole.

You can call us and have further help when you desire to purchase toilet seats or toilet seat covers. We are always happy to help and make it possible to have branded toilet parts at an affordable rate.