When somebody chooses to purchase a toilet seat, it is generally expected the first occasion they have investigated their toilet. You utilize your toilet at various times of the day, yet it is just until you begin looking for a seat that you understand the number of different types of toilets that exist. Toilet bowls come in two primary shapes: elongated or round. Thus, Ideal toilet seats likewise come in elongated or round sizes. All seats are accessible in elongated size. However, just some are accessible in the round. So, what do you do if you have a round toilet? Could an elongated seat be introduced on a round toilet? Here we will talk about the potential outcomes and results of putting an elongated seat on a round toilet, or will you require an Ideal Standard round toilet seat from us at Cheap Replacement Toilet Seats. 

Toilet and Seat Measurements 

A standard round toilet bowl, when estimating from the seat bolt openings to the front lip of the bowl, measures about 16.5". This implies that the all-out length of the bowl is around 18" - 19.5". A round size seat is generally 19.25" in complete length. 

A standard prolonged toilet bowl, with similar estimating focuses, generally comes in the middle of 18" - 19" for measurement and 20"- 22" in absolute bowl length. An elongated seat is typically 20.75" in full size. 

There is a reasonable distinction in bowl length between the two toilet sizes from 1.5" to 2.5". This distinction in length will likewise be discovered when buying a seat. Elongated seats and round variants share a similar backside where every one of the interior parts is put away. The main distinction is in the length of the genuine seat and lid segment. This implies that either size seat will be possible to mount on either size toilet. All in all, what is the issue when attempting to put on an elongated seat on a round toilet? 


The fundamental issue with putting an elongated seat on a round toilet is the overhang. Any elongated seat on a round toilet will overhang or cover on a round toilet's edge by 1.5" - 2.5". This is expecting the seat is as of now mounted right back against the tank. 

To start with, the overhang is tastefully disappointing as it makes an abnormal-looking toilet arrangement. The more significant issue is that this arrangement implies the front lip of your toilet bowl will be noticeable when peering down inside the bidet seat. On the off chance that the round toilet bowl is particularly short like on older toilets, it makes a little hole between the edge of the bowl and the elongated seat's opening as envisioned. It might cause some uneasiness when sitting, particularly for males and adds the potential for "sprinkling out" during a purifying wash. In conclusion, having this 1.5" to 2.5" overhang can put additional pressure on the front part of the seat if the client puts an excess of weight on it.

If you wish to have the best option while changing the round seat, it is wise to purchase the Ideal Standard Space seat E709101. It is suitable for Space CC, Space Corner WC, Space BTW and Space Wall Mounted toilet. It has fabrication using high-quality material. It moreover comes with five years guarantee from the manufacturer.