Square Toilet Seat Replacement

Introducing another toilet seat is a simple DIY project. Whether you are supplanting yours because it's old or because you need a recent trend, all you want are essential instruments and a couple of moments. First, unbolt the old seat, then pop the upgraded one set up utilizing the required equipment. The possible inconvenience you will probably encounter is assuming the old bolts are stuck. However, some genuine effort can deal with that issue.

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Picking a New Seat

Measure your present toilet bowl before purchasing another seat

Most toilets are standard measured, and any substitution seat should fit. Take a measuring tape to check the distance between the bolt openings in the toilet bowl to be extra sure. Then, ensure the distance between the bolts on the substitution seat is similar.

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Pick the style of seat you need

Toilet seats come in 2 fundamental styles, and we make it possible to have seats and toilet seat covers of the best brand at affordable rates. The standard assortment is round; however, you can pick an elongated or square one, assuming you like. You can likewise buy a "soft close" seat that has unique cushions on the base to keep it from banging down on the bowl.

Pick a seat shading that matches your present toilet bowl

 You can observe toilet seats in an assortment of shadings. Pick one that matches the toilet bowl for a good look, or pick a differentiating tone to offer a bolder expression. For example, you could choose a blue or wooden toilet seat to stand out from a white bowl.

Toilet Seat Covers

Assemble your instruments for the venture

You will require only a few basic ones to deal with this task. Assuming that you do not as of now have these at home, head down to the tool shop and get:

  • A movable wrench or pliers
  • A flathead screwdriver
  • Spray oil
  • A little hacksaw

Eliminating the Old Seat

Check out at the end of the old toilet seat, close to the tank. You might see plastic covers where the seat's pivots join the toilet bowl, one on each side. Assuming this is the case, delicately slide the flathead screwdriver under their edge and pry them off.

If there are no bolt covers, you will see the actual bolts joining the pivots of the seat to the toilet bowl.

Hold your movable wrench and look under the edge of the sides of the toilet bowl. You should see fasteners going down through the porcelain, held set up by nuts. You can find one on either side of the bowl. Connect the adjustable wrench to each nut. Then, turn the wrench counterclockwise to release the nuts.

You can open the fasteners at the hinged bottom on top of the toilet bowl with a screwdriver. If this is true, utilize yours and turn each bolt counterclockwise until it comes out. Any other way, you can keep turning the nuts counterclockwise until they fall off.

If your old seat has washers between the nut and bowl, eliminate those too. Lift the bolts out of the bowl, in case you have not as of now. You should then have the option to remove the toilet seat and its pivots without any problem. Throw out the old seat, fasteners, and nuts and place them in the new square seat that you purchased from us.