Close Coupled Toilet With Softclose Seat

You definitely have a type of toilet in your mind, which you desire to purchase. However, there may be some confusion, and this guide of ours will remove those when you set out to buy a close coupled toilet with a soft close seat from us at Cheap Replacement Toilet Seats in the UK.

Here we take a closer look at this most popular nature of toilet model and the various types that you can have from us.

What do we understand by close coupled toilet?

It is the type of toilet we generally think of when we visualize an ideal bathroom. The name is actually self-explanatory. In this design of the toilet, the cistern has a close attachment with the bowl. This nature of toilet design does not have a long flush pipe between the cistern and the bowl. It is possible to have a different look from the traditional toilet when using this style in your bathroom. It is different from a back to wall toilet, or a wall hung toilet. It is an ultra-contemporary style.

Different styles of close coupled toilets that we offer 

You can have few styles of close coupled toilets have from us. Knowing those will help you select the best when buying one with new toilet seats.

Contemporary close coupled toilets: If you have a contemporary bathroom, then this is the ideal choice. The simple and elegant design and push-button dual-flush will help you to minimize the usage of water. It helps to have a sleek and contemporary look in your bathroom. The clean lines and bold shapes of this style allow you to have a modern style. This design makes cleaning easier as there are no nooks or traps. People prefer to have this style of toilet as compared to the back to wall model.

Traditional close coupled toilets: If you are redesigning a classic bathroom, we have a wide assortment of traditional close coupled toilets. You can opt for a high or low-level toilet when you desire to have a real vintage look.

It would be best to consider other things when you opt to buy a close coupled toilet from us.

Additional things to consider 

Toilet seats: Most of the close-coupled toilet you can have from us has a soft close seat. As the name suggests, the seat closes softly and minimizes sound and wear and tear. Of course, you can also have wooden seats if you prefer.

Saving space: If it is that space is a hindrance in the path of your bathroom redesign, then you can have toilets with minimum projection. But, again, we have such varieties, and you can easily have those paying affordable prices.

Rimless design: This design is different from the contemporary close coupled toilets. The new and improved design makes cleaning easier. In place of a rim, where bacteria and microbes can grow, this design a powerful flush shoots from the rear to clean the bowl.

Flush: With the model of close coupled toilets that you can have from us, you can have water-saving dual flushes. You can also select varieties of flush buttons according to your choice.

You can have a close coupled toilet with a soft close seat from us at Cheap Replacement Toilet Seats in the UK at an affordable price. You can install those toilets in your office, café or even at your home. We only deal with branded products, so you can be sure to have quality items from us.