Ideal Standard Imagine Seat

Are you in the process of replacing your old toilet seat? We at Cheap Replacement Toilet Seats made a manual to assist you with picking the ideal seat for your bathroom.

Did you have any idea that for somewhere around 30 minutes per week, the normal UK adults sit on the toilet flipping on their cell phones? Add that to your overall toilet utilization, and you have invested hours of your energy in the loo. Things being what they are, since you are spending such a lot of time at the toilet, you should be agreeable, is not that so?


You can depend on us for having the best square toilet seat replacement in the UK. If you follow the below steps, you can have the ideal one for your bathroom. 

Measuring the toilet seat

You will be uncomfortable assuming that your seat does not fit. Save yourself some time and cash. Before you look at our toilet seats available at our store, ensure you measure your toilet. You can sort out the seat size you want by estimating the foundation of your loo.

- Measure the distance between the holes in the seat 

- Measure the bowl width 

- Measure the distance between the centre of the seat hole and the front centre of the bowl

After these estimations, you can contrast them and the particulars on our product pages. Assuming the estimations match – you are all set! Purchasing a toilet seat is straightforward if you have the correct information.

Know the shape of your toilet

While you go through our product list, it will be simpler to track down the ideal seat, assuming you know the actual shape of your toilet. There are perhaps one or two toilet seat types – elongated seats, round front seats, and D formed seats. However, irrespective of the shape of your toilet, you can have the ideal one if you decide to buy a Vitra toilet seat from us. 

Features of the Toilet seat 

If you purchase a substitution toilet seat, you may be after an upgrade. In all honesty, toilet seats have a scope of discretionary elements. Make a rundown of what you want and select a seat that fits best. Consider your family or work environment – you may indeed see the value in a soft close choice, or on the other hand, assuming that you have kids, you should introduce a training seat. Whatever you want, we have it accessible online.

- soft closing seats

- quick release seats 

- double flap

- pivoted seats

- kid training eats

- junior seats

Design choices

Assuming you have invested some part of your energy into your restroom, it would be a disgrace to allow everything to go to squander on a terrible toilet seat. If you purchase a toilet seat, why not break new ground and get a seat with a touch of character?

The material of your toilet seat will not just influence the general look of your space – various materials have various characteristics. For example, some are strong; others are simpler to clean, some are more reasonable.

Colour may be a variable while you are thinking about picking a toilet seat. Your choice may come down to which seat you think looks best, or it very well may be a usefulness issue. 

Since you have gone through our manual for purchasing a toilet seat, be at our online store and reach out to us, assuming that you have any inquiries. We at Cheap Replacement Toilet Seats are UK’s biggest online plumbing store. We make it possible to have the best of toilet supplies from the reputed brand at an affordable rate.